International UFSC Collegiate Oratorical Competition

Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) International Oratorical Competition is the premier public speaking competition for college professionals in the financial service industry. Each year college students prepare themselves for upward mobility by sharpening their speaking and presentations skills through their participation in local, regional and international competitions. The competition provides college professionals an opportunity to become proficient board room presenters, while informing, educating and inspiring UFSC members and the public at large.

Join us for dinner in the elegant Magnolia Room and enjoy the views from the 76th floor of the Columbia Tower Club while listening to an “Evening of Financial Perspectives.” Proceeds benefit the FSC-PS Charitable Foundation scholarship fund. Seating is limited.


2017 UFSC Oratorical Topics

“The African-American Dollar”

It is great that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.  How can African-Americans spend their money to have a greater impact for future generations and the American culture as a whole?

What is the future of Banking?

Financial Institutions such as Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America have been the subject of lawsuits due to unethical practices.  How has this impacted the banking industry?

“Inclusion: Afro-Latino Partnerships with State and Civil Societies in the Americas”

Historically, United States has ignored the plight of Afro-Latinos, however; various countries within Latin America have taken a fresh approach to these marginalized populations.  What are Latin American countries doing to include Afro-Latinos and other marginalized groups within the state and civil society?  What modalities are being employed to increase economic and political participation and to improve Afro-Latino economic, political, and educational status?  How can these strategies be used in the United States?

“The Art of Social Entrepreneurship”

The areas of social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility are booming fields.  Who are the companies and leaders in the social and corporate responsibilities and businesses that focus on “doing good” as part of the core mission?  What has made them successful when others have failed? How do they integrate social giving in their professional endeavors?

Lessons From the Top: Celebrating Over 40 Years for Financial Excellence by African Americans.”

In Civil Rights, Medicine, Religion and Sports we have no problem naming and highlighting the accomplishments of African Americans.  What about the Financial Services Industry? Who are the black financial pioneers that have blazed a path for all us today? What were their success strategies and how can we use them today and in the future?

Oratorical contestants entering the competition will choose one of the above five topics to create their 5 to 10 minute speeches. See the Collegiate Oratorical Guidelines to learn how to prepare your speech. The local competition is April 25, 2017. Contact Scholarship & Mentoring Chair Matt Lopez at to register  for the competition.