Devin Anderson

“2013 UFSC-Puget Sound Chapter and Western Regional Winner,” Devin Anderson joined the public speaking community in September of 2009 as a senior in high school. As the youngest member of the Waikiki Toastmasters club, he had the opportunity to give numerous speeches and observe distinguished Toastmasters fine tune their skills. He has been a master of ceremonies at a dinner hosting a thousand guests and has led the Seattle University Toastmasters Club as President for the 2012-2013 school year. Devin is a Seattle University undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and also works in the schools IT Data Center. He aspires to be a network engineer and/or possibly an IT manager.

Devin Anderson | Computer Science (Junior) | Seattle University | President | Toastmasters

Toyia T. Taylor, Founder

“I thoroughly enjoyed the honor of witnessing the growth of the next generation of UFSC-PS Chapter entrepreneurs, STEM leaders and community members as the Mistress of Ceremony of the 6th Annual Scholarships & Awards Dinner on May 18, 2013. Their tenacity, impeccable oratory skills and passion for success has been molded by the UFSC-PS mentors and their guidance-Thank You!”

Toyia T. Taylor, Founder | | | fb:weappSeattle

Geraldine (Gelly) Lirio

Geraldine (Gelly) Lirio studies Business Administration at Eastern Washington University and is the second place winner in our 2013 Intercollegiate Oratorical Competition.  Gelly promotes health, nutrition, and fitness at the UFSC-Puget Sound Chapter general mixers. Gelly is the CEO of her company USANA.  During her extracurricular time, she promotes the NFL Seahawks as a competitive twice selected 2013 “Sea Gal” Seahawks cheerleader.

Spencer E. Brooks

“With the mentorship and strong network that the USFC-PS Chapter Youth Scholarship Program provided for me, I learned valuable skills which helped me prepare for my future. I strive to excel with my company Spencer’s Bath Salts while maintaining my duties as a Financial Systems Analyst at the Federal Reserve Systems Board of Governors in Washington, D.C.”

Spencer E. Brooks
Morehouse College ’12

David C. Sneed

2013 UFSC Mark I Emerging Leaders Apprentice Challenge graduate David C. Sneed (left) with Youth Intern Community Program participant Ernest Hasha (right) receives young professional scholarship at the 6th Annual Scholarships & Awards Dinner on May 18, 2013. “Participating in our chapter this year and being chosen to compete in the Mark 1 leadership conference has been an outstanding experience that taught me lessons I will use the rest of my life. The lessons I learned about the banking industry has opened a world of career opportunities I was totally unaware of before. The lessons I learned about myself gave me tools necessary to becoming the man I wish to be. I am extremely grateful for to all those who donate time and resources to this endeavor, thank you for being an example of leadership for those behind you.”

Alysha Williams

“The 2012 UFSC-Puget Sound Chapter and Western Region Intercollegiate Oratorical Competitions was a great way to not only develop my public speaking skills, but it also put me in a professional environment that encouraged student growth. The competitions gave me the opportunity to network and learn from other students and professionals from other regions.” Alysha is currently interning and now pursing the Master of Professional Accounting Program at Seattle U.

Alysha Williams – Crowned 2012 Inaugural Western Region Oratorical Winner
Member and VP of Membership and Reporting | Beta Alpha Psi | Delta Eta Chapter
Accounting major (Senior) | Albers School of Business and Economics | Seattle University
Campus Representative | Roger CPA Review

Ernest Hasha

Ernest Hasha receives certification in Operation Hope Banking on Our Future. Ernest served with the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce as an intern during his studies abroad at Highline Community College. Ernest is now back home in Johannesburg South Africa and is “Leading the Continent” with new global tools. Ernest states, “I am now equipped to lead discussions in political functions with a new perspective.”